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Ambassador’s Debate as a Part of Circular Week

Prior to the commencement of Circular Week, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting an engaging debate with Ambassadors as part of our Circular Week initiative.

During the meeting, we delved into discussions surrounding the circular economy, the Circular Week initiative, and the impact of embassies in contributing to positive change within the Polish market. Our special guests shared their countries' successes on the path to circularity, offering valuable insights and best practices in sustainability. What factors can drive the acceleration of circularity? What are the key lessons learned from their circularity efforts thus far? These were the primary questions that we explored with the ambassadors during the debate.

It was a unique opportunity to connect with ones of the most influential individuals in this domain. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for their time and engagement. We hope that the close collaboration between our countries will lead us down a greener, circular path.


Economic Department NL Embassy in Poland - Damphne Bergsma 
Ambasada Niemiec w Warszawie - Viktor Elbing
Royal Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw - Øystein Bø
Embassy of Austria in Warsaw - Andreas Stadler
Embassy of Finland Warsaw - Päivi Laine
Embassy of France in Warsaw - Étienne de Poncins


Thank you, it was a pleasure!

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