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During the Circular Week 2021, was held a series of events engaging various stakeholders in activities related to the circular economy. For the fourth time in Poland and the third time internationally, there were hosted a series of events promoting environmentally friendly solutions among businesses and communities, covering different sectors.

The fourth edition of Circular Week took place under the theme "Together for a Sustainable Future." The event brought together experts from Europe and beyond, who participated in expert panel discussions, webinars, workshops, and networking sessions directed to business representatives, startups, think tanks, and public administration. 

The event featured nearly 50 international events organized in collaboration with stakeholders from European countries such as Bulgaria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Norway, Serbia and guests from outside Europe, including Canada and Israel - different time zones proved to be no barrier, highlighting the international appeal of the circular economy concept.

Topics were discussed during the the Circular Week 2021 included: solutions to the challenges facing the modern economy, such as extended producer responsibility, sustainable food management, the development of the bioeconomy, sustainable production in the fashion industry, and changes in the plastics market. 


Numerous events were also organized for consumers, demonstrating practical ways to incorporate sustainable development principles into everyday life. Examples include workshops for children organized by the Warsaw Municipal Cleaning Company on waste segregation, a webinar titled "Everything You Want to Know About the Circular Economy for Beginners and Seekers of Circular Solutions" hosted by the Circular Economy Club Warsaw, and an online meeting with a representative from on how to care for household appliances to maximize their lifespan.

Mazovia Circular Congress 2021

Circular Week 2021 concluded with the Mazovia Circular Congress, an international conference dedicated to the circular economy topics.


Experts from Poland and Europe shared their perspectives and knowledge on topics such as the circular transformation of cities, the bioeconomy, and extended producer responsibility. 

We sought answers to questions such as: 
- What will the raw materials of the future look like – highly durable yet environmentally friendly? 
- How can the forestry sector contribute to the development of the circular economy? 
- What financial incentives are governments implementing in various countries to help businesses transition to more circular and sustainable models?

Special guests at the congress included Helena Braun, Member of the Cabinet of Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission; Jaqueline Cramer, a Dutch biologist, professor, and politician who served as Minister for Housing, Spatial Planning, and the Environment from 2007 to 2010; and François Gaudet, Head of Thematic Impact Finance Operations at the European Investment Bank (EIB). 

In addition to debates and panels, the congress also featured virtual trade shows where sustainable companies could showcase their portfolios, presentations, and workshops.

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