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Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Circular Week 2020 was a highly successful event. It brought together 17 countries and featured a total of 54 different events, including meetings, debates, and accompanying activities.


The Polish events attracted over 3,000 participants, and the culminating Mazovia Circular Congress, held at the end of Circular Week, saw the participation of 448 attendees.

Circular Week 2020 received support from numerous embassies, highlighting the broad concept of the circular economy and the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Each participating embassy, including the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, and Sweden, organized an educational event centered around their respective areas of interest.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held entirely online, with panel discussions both in the studio and via internet connections. 

Mazovia Circular Congress 2020

The international conference, Mazovia Circular Congress, took place on the final day of Circular Week, October 16, 2020.


It is one of the largest and most prestigious conferences in Poland focused on the circular economy, targeting representatives from public administration, local government, businesses, sustainability and CSR managers, startups, and the media.


The conference presented exemplary case studies from around the world, demonstrating how adopting circular economy principles can deliver both environmental and financial benefits.


Throughout the event, fruitful discussions were held on the potential for similar projects in Poland. Various stakeholder panel discussions, involving entrepreneurs, NGOs, and representatives from governmental and local administration, explored how to leverage circular economy solutions.

Circular Week 2020 successfully showcased the importance of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the practical implementation of circular economy practices. The event provided a platform for participants to learn, engage, and contribute to the ongoing transition toward a more sustainable and circular future.

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