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The Circular Week’s goal is to promote the idea of a circular economy, support sustainable business models and establish cooperation between interested stakeholders.


Circular Week 2019 was the second occurrence of the event in Poland and the first edition held on an international scale.


The main objective of Circular Week was to engage as many individuals, companies, and institutions as possible in promoting and implementing the concept of a circular economy. All initiatives took place simultaneously across Europe, with each day of the week dedicated to a different theme, including construction, industry, energy, packaging, plastics, food, textiles, e-waste and circular cities.

Mazovia Circular Congress

The highlight of the event was the Mazovia Circular Congress, held on October 11, which was co-organized by the Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development and the Mazovian Voivodeship Government. The congress brought together Polish and international experts and practitioners in the field of circular economy.

The aim of the event was to showcase the vast opportunities presented by the circular economy. Above all, the focus was on addressing the challenges posed by the global economy, including new technologies, consumerism, climate and social change, and rapid urban development. These challenges necessitate transformative shifts in traditional business models. Major international sustainability experts representing various industries discussed pressing issues of the modern closed-loop economy.

During the event, table sessions and workshops on Circular Cities, Food Waste and Polish circular start-ups were of great interest, during which participants could learn about specific solutions from companies offering circular technologies or services. The last point during Mazovia Circular Congress was a workshop where participants could learn how to create business based on circular design.

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