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CIRCULAR CITIES - Roundtable for local administration representatives with real  case study presentation

Cities play a significant role in the circular transformation, but it's a major challenge. During the "Round Table for Cities" event that took place on October 23, 2023, at the Wedding Palace on Zamkowy Square 6 in Warsaw, representatives of public administration, including officials from regional offices, mayors of voivodship cities, and departments of infrastructure, climate, and energy, discussed the concept of circularity, the implementation of urban plans, and the effects of transformations.

We had the pleasure of hearing from experts from Krakow, Warsaw, Rzeszow, Lodz, and Wroclaw, and sharing best practices applied in each of the cities. The event was co-organized with the French Embassy, which also provided substantial expertise in the field of circular economy in cities, as shared by French experts.


Co-organization with the French Embassy

13.30 pm – 13.40 pm | Welcome speech:

  • Dorota Zawadzka-Stępniak - Director of Air Protection and Climate Policy Department in the City of Warsaw

  • Agnieszka Sznyk - President of the Board, INNOWO

  • Noémie Piaskowski - Counsellor for Sustainable Development for Visegrad group and Baltic states, Ambasada Francji

13.40 pm – 14.30 pm | Introductory speeches/presentation:  

  • Malen Otero - ICLEI

  • Hugo Delahaye - Roubaix City, Circular Economy Team

  • Agata Dudek - Képos

  • Bart Volkers -

  • Reinhold Rünker - Permanent Deputy of Department Economic Policy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, climate action and Energy North-Rhine-Westphalia

  • Maria Andrzejewska – EcoMiasto Project

  • Dominika Mickiewicz - City Support Project Manager: NetZeroCities presentation


14.30 – 16.00 | Cities - best practices exchange - moderated discussion in the expert roundtable formula:


  • Agnieszka Sznyk - President of the Board, INNOWO,  

  • Ewelina Szczech-Pietkiewicz - SGH Warsaw School of Economics


1. Antony Buchan - ReLondon 

2. Michael Kuhndt - Founder and Executive Director of the CSCP 

3. Cathrine Barth - Natural State 

4. Martin Hagen - Natural State 

5. Michał Gelata - Municipal Services and Climate Department, Krakow 

6. Tomasz Turczynowicz - SmartFactor 

7. Katarzyna Kazimierczuk - International Development Norway AS 

8. Andrzej Łazęcki – Director of the Department of Municipal Economy and Climate at the City of Krakow Office 

9. Marta Bugaj – Head of the Economic Department of the Infrastructure Division, Capital City of Warsaw Office 

10. Leszek Drogosz – Deputy Director of the Infrastructure Office, Capital City of Warsaw 

11. Paulina Blaszczyk - Frost & Sullivan 

12. Janusz Pastwiński - Department of Municipal Economy at the City of Łódź Office 

13. Mariusz Rukat – representative of the Marshal’s Office of the Mazovian Voivodeship in Warsaw, authorized by the Marshal for investment and economic affairs 

14. Robert Homicki – Attorney of the Mayor of Rzeszow 

15. Małgorzata Michalska - Urban Lab Rzeszów 

16. Aleksandra Hanzel – Deputy Director of the Marshal’s Office of the Mazovian Voivodeship

17. Martin Basila - the CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoneo 

18. Urszula Pawlak - Dyrektor Urzędu Marszałkowskiego Woj. Mazowieckiego w Warszawie

19. Elżbieta Anuszewska - Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Mazowieckiego

20. Justyna Kuś - Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Mazowieckiego

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