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DEPOSIT RETURN SYSTEM – how to make it work. Stakeholders roundtable.


The statut on the Deposit-Refund System (DRS) in Poland developed despite significant challenges. Doubts have been growing both in the business world and in the public perception of the proposed legislative changes. Is there still a chance to modify and create effective regulations? We invite you to a discussion and a meeting with DRS operators from Germany and Slovakia, who will share their experiences.

This event was held on October 26th, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, in the conference room of the Warsaw City Hall, Wedding Palace, Plac Zamkowy 6, Warsaw.

In Europe, approximately 58 million tons of plastics are produced every year, with 40 percent of them being packaging materials. The Deposit-Refund System is one of the most effective tools to increase the collection and recycling of packaging materials. Currently, nearly 140 million Europeans benefit from the deposit system, including Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Croatia. However, the law passed by the Council of Ministers in June of this year regarding the Polish Deposit-Refund System has sparked significant controversies. Is there a chance for an effective DRS system in Poland? And is there an opportunity to change the current legislative provisions and quickly develop new ones that are favorable and safe for trade, business, and society?

We invited to a discussion where prominent experts from Poland, Germany, and Slovakia participated. The event was supported by the German Embassy.



Introductory presentations:

1.    Robert Jansen - Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG) | 20 min 

2.   Marian Ac - Slovakian DRS operator, SPRÁVCA ZÁLOHOVÉHO SYSTÉMU| 20 min


Panel Discussion:

Moderator: Agnieszka Sznyk, INNOWO



  1. Robert Chciuk - Ministry of Climate,

  1. Małgorzata Skonieczna -  President of the Polish Federation of Food Industry Union of Employers (PFPŻ ZP).

  2. Renata Juszkiewicz, POHID,

  3. Łukasz Czarnowski, Digital Sales Cross Country Function Head, Interzero, 

  4. Reinhold Rünker - Permanent Deputy of Department Economic Policy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, climate action and Energy North-Rhine-Westphalia

  5. Robert Jansen - DRS, DPG DEUTSCHE PFANDSYSTEM GMBH, Germany

  6. Marian Ac - Slovakian DRS operator, SPRÁVCA ZÁLOHOVÉHO SYSTÉMU

  7. Martin Basila, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoneo

  8. Anna Sapota PhD. - Vice President of Public Affairs for Eastern Europe North at TOMRA

  9. Joanna Leoniewska-Gogola, Deputy Director, zespół Circular Economy Deloitte

  10. Michael Kuhndt - Founder and Executive Director of the CSCP,

  11. Aneta Fusiara, Senior Consultant, zespół Circular Economy Deloitte.

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